Coin shows

Coins, medals and currency

27-29 September 2019 Paper Money Fair Maastricht Valkenburg, Netherlands
12-13 October 2019 Numismata Berlin Berlin, Germany
19 October 2019 SNENNP Paris Paris, France
26-27 October 2019 Int. Münzmesse Zürich Zürich, Switzerland
9 November 2019 Numismatica Tienen Tienen, Belgium
10 November 2019 Münzmesse Karlsruhe Karlsruhe, Germany
17 November 2019 Berkel Enschot Berkel Enschot, Netherlands
22-23 November 2019 Numismata Frankfurt Frankfurt, Germany
1 December 2019 Münzenbörse Hannover Hannover, Germany

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Art, jewelry and other collectibles


Militaria shows

Uniforms, weapons, medals, helmets, banners and much more

27 October 2019 Militaria show Ciney Ciney, Belgium
2 November 2019 Militaria show Wavre Wavre, Belgium
8 December 2019 Militaria show Houten

Houten, Netherlands