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Collectibles are timeless and intrigue by their beauty. Collectors love the satisfaction of 'hunting' or the value that items represent. Moreover, collectors' items are fascinating because of the stories behind them, about the makers, the history, previous owners and historical sites.

When selling your precious objects or collection, you don't want to hear 'sales stories'. You are looking for an honest and free appraisal without any further obligations by a top appraiser who gives clear advice on sales. You will find that at Heritage Auctions Europe. We have been assisting collectors for more than twenty years.

As the largest auction house in collectibles, we advise clients internationally on which market is most favorable for them, and we provide access to over 1.8 million collectors. You will not find such a large customer base anywhere else.

Despite our growth, we still operate as a family business. We are very accessible and committed to our customers. What drives us is to achieve the most for you!

Free Appraisal

Every Wednesday and Thursday

At our office, Energieweg 7 in IJsselstein.

Every Wednesday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.:
Valuations of coins, stamps, postcards, tokens, medals and banknotes.

Every Thursday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.:
Valuations of gold, silver, jewellery, art in general, curiosities and militaria.

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From fair organizer to European hub for masterpieces

Collecting, friendship and freedom: that is what connects Jacco Scheper and Huib Pelzer. At the end of the last century they regularly visit fairs for coins and stamps. When the previous owner of the Coins and Stamps Organization (MPO, founded in 1988) decides to quit, they do not hesitate. They take over the most important fair organizer organisation in the Netherlands and professionalize the company. This is how their adventure starts. 

Auction House for Collectibles

During the appraisals at MPO fairs, Jacco and Huib discover a gap in the market. Collectors are looking for a place to sell where they can get a fair price for their pieces; the auction is born. The expertise of the two as well as the results realized at their auctions quickly gain popularity among the collectors audience. MPO is growing rapidly and moves to a new location in IJsselstein. The auction house develops into a market leader in coins and stamps and also starts to hold auctions online. MPO quickly becomes the Dutch hotspot for top appraisers and collectors to meet, and the auction house branches out into other categories by adding an auction for gold, silver, jewellery, art & curiosities and militaria.

European hub for masterpieces and collections

The growing and thriving MPO is in the spotlight at the American Heritage Auctions. This international auction house for collectibles took over MPO in 2015 because of its honest and reliable reputation. The founders are requested to continue their activities. That is what Jacco and Huib do. And with success, because they continue to grow the auctions in terms of size, number of top pieces and range. In addition, they are developing Heritage Auctions Europe into an important European hub for top objects and collections that are auctioned worldwide.

Our auction house through the years

Jacco Scheper and Huib Pelzer take over the collectors fair organization MPO.

First auction for coins and stamps by MPO in Nieuwegein.

MPO moves to permanent location in IJsselstein

MPO auctions German Braunschweig coin for 80,000 euros: highest price ever paid for a coin in the Netherlands.

MPO organizes auctions for art & curiosities and militaria for the first time.

A quarter from 1817 yields 76,260 euros at the MPO auction: the most expensive Dutch coin ever.

MPO auctions collection Olympic Games 1928 by Jaco Treurniet.
Heritage Auctions takes over MPO, which will continue operations under the name of Heritage Auctions Europe.

Heritage Auctions Europe auctions banknote from 1846 for 79,950 euros: world record for a Dutch banknote.

Medal The Spanish galleon St. Jacob (1602) yields 92,252 euros: world record for Dutch medal.
Tenfold ducat from Deventer yields 160,000 euros: the most expensive Dutch coin ever sold.

A VOC Ducaton from 1728 (Holland) auctioned by us in New York yields $336,000: world record Dutch/colonial coin.
A VOC Ducaton from 1728 (West Friesland) auctioned in IJsselstein sets a record for a coin sold in the Netherlands: 196,800 euros.

Gold Geuzen coin discovered with a metal detector yields 40,000 euros.

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