Valuation of Gold

There are a lot of addresses where you can go for a gold appraisal, but be picky. Valuation is a profession. Choose a transparent appraiser with expertise.

We do appraisals for:

  • Necklaces
  • Brooches
  • Jewelery
  • Rings
  • Watches
  • Coins
  • Other golden items

Honest advice

We look beyond the value of the precious metal. When valuing your jewel, for example, our appraisers can check whether you own something special. You may have a piece that is worth more than the gold value and, if applicable, the value of the gem(s). We can determine the value of a very diverse set of gold, silver or platinum objects.

Even when your object is not worth any more than the value of the precious metal processed, for example due to damage. you will receive honest advice. We determine the value on the basis of the exchange rate and weight.

Registered experts

Our appraisers are registered experts. They can judge the nature of the precious metal visually. They can also check how much karat your gold is.

Valuation of gold in IJsselstein

Every Thursday 10am - 4pm

  • Free gold valuation
  • Certified appraisers
  • No appointment needed
  • Free coffee and tea
  • Free parking in front of the door

Drop by

Appraisal process

Our appraisers value the gold in your presence. They show you  the current price of the precious metal and the display of the scale when they weigh your golden objects. Any other processed materials are estimated in weight and deducted from the total weight. Since pure gold is too soft for making jewelry, it is normally mixed with harder metals. In the Netherlands, most golden jewelry is 14-karat. This means that it contains 58.5 percent pure gold.

When it comes to valuing jewelry, an important distinction is made between solid-gold and plated-gold. Solid-gold means that the gold ratio is consistent throughout the object. Plated-gold means that only the outer layer of the object is covered with gold. Similarly, some jewels are made of platinum whereas others are made of white gold. The first step in valuing your grandfather's gold ring or gold watch is to determine the composition of the precious metal.

On top of the value of the metals themselves, your item may have a brand name or recognized lable. In some cases this can lift the value of your jewel above the price of just the metals. 

Valuing gold

Unfortunately, valuation of gold is not always done fairly by appraisers. As an auction house, we deeply regret such a development. Valuing gold is not a job that every jewelry store salesperson performs flawlessly. To find out what the real value of your gold jewelry is, it is wiser to visit a recognized appraiser.

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