Donate the collection to the Red Cross

Heritage Auctions Europe works together with the Dutch Red Cross to help more people in the Netherlands and abroad. We offer you the opportunity to auction collections or objects for this good cause. You then donate the proceeds to the Red Cross. When auctioning, we do not charge the Red Cross any auction and administration costs. As a result, the proceeds fully benefit their valuable work.

Less valuable collections

Customers often opt for donation if a collection or object turns out to be of little value during an appraisal. For example, it can happen that the value in itself is too low to be registered for an auction, while the object or collection is suitable for that. In such a case, we offer the option of donating the proceeds of the collection or object. You then hand over your documents and receive a thank you letter from the Red Cross. We then combine your donation with various other donations and auction it, for example, per moving box or in composite collections. After the auction, we will transfer the hammer price, without deduction of costs, to the account number of the Red Cross.

Important work

With your contribution you support aid through the worldwide Red Cross network of volunteers. The Red Cross provides aid to people in need, near and far. In the event of a natural disaster or war violence, they do everything in their power to save lives and take care of victims. In the Netherlands they offer event assistance, first aid in case of calamities, first aid courses and help to become more self-reliant. So your donation goes to very important work

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