How to bid

Bidding in an Auction, how does that work?

After going through our catalog it is likely you will be interested in one or more lots. You can be the proud new owner if you are the winning bidder by placing the highest bid. 
Heritage Auctions Europe offers different options of bidding.

Floor bidding

The best and most exciting way of bidding. Be there where the action is.

After registration you will receive a bid number. By raising this bid number you notify the Auctioneer you want to bid, the Auctioneer will proceed with the next increment (as stated in our terms and conditions). Your are bidding against other floor bidders, absentee bidders, phone bidders and online bidders. When you still have your bid number in the air when the Auctioneer hammers the lot, you are the winning bidder and the proud new owner of the lot. When you are done bidding you can collect your lots immediately after payment.

Online Live bidding

Heritage Auctions Europe offers online bidding on its own platform. You can place your bids from anywhere in the World as you were in the Auction room thanks to a clear webpage and audio of the Auctioneeer, all you need is a proper working internet line. Like in teh uction room, are you the last bidder when the Auctioneer hammers the lot, you are the winner of that specific lot.
We receive a lot of compliments for the ease of working with our online platform, which certainly will help you with expanding your collection. Convince yourself and sign up right now!

Register for online bidding

Absentee bids (pre bid)

To make an absentee bid you can download the Bidsheet in Word or in PDF (or take from your catalog).

1. E-mail your bidsheet to
2. Mail  to HAE, Energieweg 7, 3401 MD, IJsselstein, Netherlands. Please keep in mind it may take some time until your bidsheet arrives, check your local post office for transit time
3. Hand over your bidsheet at one of the preview days
4. Leave your bids at our online Auction platform, all you need is an account to start.

How to bid online

When you give us your absentee bids the Auctioneer will process the bids for you, as like you would when you're in the Auction room. After the Auction you will receive notification to let you know for what lots you were the winning bidder.

When absentee bids need to be in

Please keep in mind some lots can NOT be shipped (see catalog). If so, you need to make your own arrangements.

How your secret high bids are handled

When making an absentee bid, you give us your secret maximum bid. The auctioneer of Heritage Auctions Europe will execute that bid for you as if you were in the Auction room yourself.

For example: lot 36, starting price €50,-. Your secret maximum bid is €200,-. The Auctioneer opens the bidding at €50,-. In the room somebody bids €55,-. The Auctioneer bids on your behalf €60,-. When there are no other or higher bidders, the Auctioneer will hammer lot 36 to you for €60,-. Please note that in case of 2 equal absentee bids we follow the 'first-come-first-served' rule.