Online bidding

When you like to bid online we offer two options. Making bids in advance of the Auction (absentee bids) and Live Bid. With Live Bid you bid per increment (as stated in our terms and conditions) live during the Auction.

Online absentee bids

Heritage Auctions Europe offers you the online way of leaving absentee bids on its own online bid platform. You enter your secret maximum bid in the online platform. Now you don't have to mail, fax or email your bidsheet to us. That prevents errors and saves a lot of time, your bids are processed immediately. You know if you are high bidder at that moment right away. When you are outbid by another absentee bid, you will be notified so you can chose to increase your bid or go for a different lot.

You can enter your bids until shortly before the Auciton begins. All you have to register, after an employee of Heritage Auctions Europe verified your account you will receive login details by email and after you log in with you credentials you can start entering your bids. It's that easy!

Sign up now!

Don't wait until the last moment to register, if you don't register 24 hours or more in advance, we might not be able to process you registration. After verification of your account you will receive login details which you can use every time from than on.
Please make sure you as and as trusted email accounts.

Online Live bidding

To participate in the Online Live Auction you nee to be logged in.
Go to and click "Login".

You will now have to enter your log in details.

If you don't have login details yet you need to register first. You only need to register once, you can use you log in details from now on for every Auction of Heritage Auctions Europe.

Have you forgotten your credentials? No worries, just click "Forgot" and enter your email address, your credentials will be send to your email account.

When you are logged in you need to let us know you want to participate in the Live Auction. You need to do this every Auction when you want bid through Live Bid.

Go to "Bid Live" on and accept the terms and conditions. An employee of Heritage Auctions Europe will add you to the Live Auction, you will receive a notification when you are added.
When you received the notification you can go to "Live". You are now in our so called  "Bid console", approx 2 hours prior to the Auction you can acces the bid console.

Bid console

During the Auction you can listen to the Auctioneer. Please be aware the sound might lack some time. What you see on the screen is what is happening at that moment, don't always rely on the audio.

When you are logged in, you will see the following screen

1. This is the progress bar, during the session you see how far in the session we are. When the bar is full, the session has finished.

2. Image of the lot what is currently under the hammer.

3. Description of the lot what is currently under the hammer.

4. Current bid (amounts are always in Euro's)

5. Bid history for this specific lot.

6. Maybe the mot important button, with this button you place a bid. Indien u klikt op de knop biedt u de eerst volgende biedstap zoals omschreven in de catalogus.

7. Your Live Bid number (if you made absentee bids you also have an absentee bid number), how much is left as credit limit nad here you can enable and disable audio. Please keep in mind that what you see is not always synchronised with what you hear. Tests show this varies between computers and browsers you use. What you see is what is actually happens, please don't always rely on what you hear.

8. An overview of the lots you won so far and the total hamerprice (please note: this is without any commission fee, see our terms and condiitions for applicable fees).

9. Upcoming lots. U only see lotnumber and an image. When you click more, you will find more information about the lot.

I you have any questions or problems, please don't hesitate to contact us.


Following the Auction

If you just want to follow the Auction and watch, you don't need to regsiter. You just simply click on the button 'WATCH'.