Lot 23

Lot 23
Lot 23 (2)
Pokemon 1999 Jungle Set Unlimited Complete Holo set #1-16 consisting of: Clefable Holo EXC, Electrode Holo PL, Flareon Holo EXC, Jolteon Holo LP, Kangaskhan Holo LP, Mr. Mime Holo GD, Nidoqueen Holo NM, Pidgeot No Symbol Error Holo PL, Pinsir Holo EXC, Scyther Holo GD, Snorlax Holo LP, Vaporeon Dutch Holo LP, Venomoth Holo LP, Victreebell Holo LP, Vileplume Holo LP and Wigglytuff Holo LP
Starting price: € 50.00
Jan 22 2024 08:00:00 AM
Feb 14 2024 08:00:00 AM
Feb 14 2024
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