Lot 29

Lot 29
Lot 29 (2)
Pokemon 1995-2000 Neo Genesis Complete Holo set #1-19 whereof one 1st Edition Holo. Consisting of: Ampharos Holo EXC, Azumarill Holo NM, Bellossom Holo NM, Feraligatr #4 Holo NM, Feraligatr #5 Holo EXC, Heracross Holo NM, Jumpluff Holo NM, Kingdra Holo GD, Lugia Holo NM, Meganium #10 Holo EXC, Meganium #11 Holo GD, Pichu Holo NM, Skarmory Holo EXC, Slowking Holo NM, Steelix Holo NM, Togetic Holo NM, Typhlosion #17 1st Edition Holo EXC "Red Dot Error version", Typhlosion #18 Holo NM and Metal Energy Holo EXC
Starting price: € 350.00
Jan 22 2024 08:00:00 AM
Feb 14 2024 08:00:00 AM
Feb 14 2024
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