Lot 30

Lot 30
Lot 30 (2)
Pokemon 1995-2001 Neo Discovery unlimited Complete Holo set #1-17 consisting of: Espeon Holo NM, Forretress Holo GD, Hitmontop Holo NM, Houndoom Holo NM, Houndour Holo GD, Kabutops Holo NM, Magnemite Holo GD, Politoed Holo NM, Poliwrath Holo NM, Scizor Holo NM, Smeargle Holo NM, Tyranitar Holo NM, Umbreon Holo NM, Unown Holo NM, Ursaring Holo NM, Wobbuffet Holo NM and Yanma Holo NM
Starting price: € 300.00
Jan 22 2024 08:00:00 AM
Feb 14 2024 08:00:00 AM
Feb 14 2024
2 bidders
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