Lot 2496

Lot 2496
1713 - 'Mocking medal on the Peace of Utrecht' by C. Wermuth (C. Wohlfahrt 13.031, Slg. Hohenkubin 539) - Obv. IHR WERDET HÖREN KRIEGE VND GESCHREY / VON KRIEGEN. MATTH.24 V.6.8. Fortified city attacked by soldiers and incendiary bombs, in ex. DA WIRD SICH AL/LERERST DIE NOTH ANHEBEN. / Rev. WEN SICH GLEICH - ALLE NOTH ANHEBT. Christ on clouds holding banner, in ex. ICH WEIS DAS MEIN ERLÖSER LEBT HIOB.19.V.25. - silver struck 33 mm 13,02 gram - XF, nice grey patina - extremely rare, presumably the third known piece (1th: HAE 78 (2023) lot 2264 > MPO Nov 2010 lot 5746 > WAG 51 lot 2164. 2nd: Lanz XV lot 539) - NB The large letters in the exergue on both obverse and reverse contain the chronogram 1713. NB Struck on a preexistant coin !!! (parts of legends (..AX..) and the top of crown with crowned orb visible
Starting price: € 400.00
Oct 17 2023 06:00:00 PM
Nov 13 2023 06:00:00 PM
Nov 14 2023
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