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Lot 2591
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1934 - Silver shield made by Begeer as a prize at the Eerste Nationale Jachttentoonstelling in Arnhem on 10-13 May 1934 organized by the Koninklijke Nederlandsche Jachtvereeniging 'Nimrod' department Gelderland, awarded to H.A. van Beuningen in Kerk-Avezaath for 'de beste collectie hertengeweien in de klasse edelherten, door den inzender zelf geschoten vóór 1 augustus 1933' - heart-shaped shield decorated with duck heads and deer antlers engraved K.N.J. NIMROD ARNHEM 1934, on the back BEGEER and hallmarks - silver 113x95 mm on chain 133.04 grams
Starting price: € 50.00
Oct 17 2023 06:00:00 PM
Nov 13 2023 06:00:00 PM
Nov 14 2023
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