Lot 4072

Lot 4072
A mixed collection of Roman coinage form the 2nd century: Hadrianus (4 x small bronzes), Sabina (Denarius, Sestertius, 2 x small bronze), a Sestertius and an As of Aelius, Antoninus Pius (Denarius, Sest., Dup. As, 2 x AE), Faustina Mater (Den., Sest., 2 x As), Marcus Aurelius (2 x Den., Sest., 3 x small bronze), Faustina Minor (Den., Sest. 2 x small), Lucius Verus (Den. and 4 x bronze) and a Denarius and Sestertius of Lucilla - in total 38 coins in low grades, some rare, nice starting collection, all with collector's tickets
Starting price: € 100.00
Oct 17 2023 06:00:00 PM
Nov 13 2023 06:00:00 PM
Nov 14 2023
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