Lot 569

Lot 569
Copper tang or larijn (6.69 g.), ND (1660), length 32.3 mm, width9.4 mm., at either end stamped with a sword with laurel wreath (Coat of Arms of Batavia) and folded once over. Owing to the shortage of coins of small denomination, which had led to great disturbances and troubles, and in order to accommodate the indigenous population, the Batavian Government by a Res. of Nov. 9, 1658, decided to prepare at Batavia copper “Tangen” of the same shape as those on the coast of India, Ceylon, Coromandel, Bengal and Aracan, having at either end a small mark to prevent them from being shortened, and to declare them current at the rate of an “Oortje” (2 Doits). In due course the mintmaster for the production of these emergency pieces, found the copper at hand so hard that it was impracticable for the purpose. Provenance: recovered from recent dredging of canals in Jakarta. Exceptionally rare issue – F. Ref.: Passon 4.1; Scho. 20b RRRR
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Nov 13 2023
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