Lot 56

Lot 56
AV Octodrachm (mnaieon) (Alexandria ca. 240 BC, 27.75 gm.) – AΔEΛΦΩN Jugate busts right of Ptolemy II (diademed, wearing chlamys) and Arsinoe II (diademed and veiled, sister and wife of Ptolemy II), Gallic shield in field to left, small circle or theta below shield / θEΩN Jugate busts right of Ptolemy I (diademed, wearing aegis) and Berenice I (diademed and veiled, mother of Ptolemy II) (Svor. 603 var. / SNG Cop. 132 var. / Dewing 2752 var.) – a.XF, a beautiful piece of art with 4 bold portraits / 2 minor rim nicks rev. According to many collectors this piece is the finest gold issue of Ptolemaic Egypt. The small circle or theta on the obv. is an unrecorded variety, making this a very rare piece (ex CGB auction XVIII lot 146)
Starting price: € 5000.00
Apr 24 2015 10:00:00 AM
May 19 2015 06:00:00 PM
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