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Our office is open. We ask you to comply with the Corona measures of the RIVM.

Free Appraisal

Every Wednesday and Thursday

At our office, Energieweg 7 in IJsselstein.

Every Wednesday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.:
Valuations of coins, stamps, postcards, tokens, medals and banknotes.

Every Thursday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.:
Valuations of gold, silver, jewellery, art in general, curiosities and militaria.

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Stamps and Postcards June 2023

Jun 23 2023 - Jun 24 2023
Consignments closed

Art, Collectibles, Jewelry and Militaria September 2023

Sep 6 2023 - Sep 9 2023
Consign until Jun 30 2023

Coins, Currency and Medals November 2023

Nov 13 2023 - Nov 18 2023
Consign until Sep 1 2023

Stamps and Postcards January 2024

Jan 12 2024 - Jan 13 2024
Consign until Nov 10 2023

Valuation days

Purmerend: Goud, zilver, sieraden, Chinees porselein, kunst en antiek

Purmerends Museum
Kaasmarkt 20

Gratis entree! Telefonisch aanmelden is verplicht: 0299-472718.
Van 11.00 tot 15.00 uur

Laren: Kunst, curiosa, goud, zilver en sieraden

Bibliotheek Gooi+
Brink 29, Laren

Zonder afspraak, gratis entree!
Van 11:00 tot 15:00

Coin fairs

Muntenbeurs Berkel Enschot

Berkel Enschot, Nederland

Sberatel / Collector Fair

Praag, Tsjechië

MIF Paper Money Fair

Maastricht, Nederland

Muntmanifestatie Houten

Houten, Nederland

Stockholm Numismatica

Stockholm, Zweden

Münzenmesse Zürich

Zurich, Zwitserland

Militaria fairs

Militariabeurs Wavre

Wavre, België

Militariabeurs Houten

Houten, Nederland

Militariabeurs Houten

Houten, Nederland

Militariabeurs Ciney

Ciney, België

Militariabeurs Wavre

Wavre, België

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