Huib Pelzer

As a boy, Huib Pelzer finds a golden signet ring and a golden necklace with his metal detector. He exchanges these for two Roman coins. Unfortunately, they turn out to be of little value. Exchanging his guitar for a Greek tetradrachm also ends in disappointment; it turns out to be fake. 

Despite this false start, Huib decides to start a business in stamps and coins after completing his degree in human geography at Utrecht University and working in the travel industry.

Together with partner Jacco Scheper, he takes MPO to a higher level. In addition to organizing fairs, they also get involved in the auction business. First they focus on coins and stamps, later also on gold, silver, art, curiosities and militaria.

After many successful years with significant growth, Heritage Auctions acquires MPO. Huib remains active as associate managing director of Heritage Auctions Europe.

One of his responsibilities is to organize valuation days throughout the country. He is also still active as an appraiser. Huib has developed into one of the rare specialists in ancient coins.

Experience as an appraiser

Over 20 years


Roman and Greek coins


English, German, Dutch, French


“The art of  auctioning has continued to develop, for example into new areas of collecting. We do this by hiring the right people and giving them the space to develop.”


T: 030-6063944

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