Jeroen den Hertog

As the son of a stamps dealer, Jeroen den Hertog grows up in the world of collecting. He does not follow in the footsteps of his father, however, and instead decides to start collecting militaria.

With regard to his studies, Jeroen completed a degree in Business Management at the Hogeschool Utrecht. During an internship he studied the merger of the American Heritage Auctions with the Dutch MPO. This is how he got in touch with the merged auction house that is now called Heritage Auctions Europe. 

He is currently active at Heritage Auctions Europe as an operational manager and also as a militaria appraiser. He focusses on militaria because of his own history in collecting military items, and because it is a booming market with a relatively young target group.

Experience as an appraiser

5 years




Dutch, English, German


“The art of militaria is distinguishing between original and counterfeit. Many cheap and fake items come from the Far East. The more expensive counterfeit is manufactured in Eastern Europe.”


T: 030-6063944

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