Marcel van der Beek

For many people, life is all about the money. For Marcel this statement is true in a rather unusual way: his great hobby is to research the history of money.

After studying medicine, he does not become a doctor but turns his hobby into his profession. When he gets the chance to look at part of the collection for 's Rijks Munt in Utrecht, he seizes his chance. He continues this work at the Dutch Mint Museum and the Geldmuseum, as a curator.

While working at 's Rijks Munt, he gets a unique insight into how coins were traditionally made. He shares this knowledge in the books De Muntslag Ten Tijde Van Koning Willem I and De Muntslag Ten Tijde Van Koning Willem II . He also publishes in the book Top Pieces from the Money Museum and many magazines.

After the Geldmuseum closes, Marcel joins Heritage Auctions Europe. Reaching retirement age does not stop him from doing his favorite job. For Heritage, he still researches the history of coins and banknotes and looks at commemorative medals.

Experience as a numismatist

A whole working life


Coins, tokens, banknotes


Dutch English


“Researching history of money is a wonderfully versatile profession. You just can't go to school for it. You learn it by delving into the history of coins and banknotes and by letting a lot of items pass through your hands.”


T: 030-6063944

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