Michael Meijering

A citizen of the world. That's Michael Meijering. During his early years, he lives in Canada, England and Mexico. Michael's parents are collectors as well as travellers, and this love is passed on from an early age.  

While studying law at Utrecht University, Michael works part-time for a well-known art auction house. He also sets up a book search service. After graduating, he does not opt for law books but for his passion: art and art books. Initially he works as a research manager for Asian art for an art dealer. Later, he and his wife Helena start an antique business in Asian art books.

Since January 1, 2021, Michael has been combining this with the position of appraiser for Heritage Auctions. His knowledge of Asian art and books is of great value, as is his extensive library of art books.

Experience as an appraiser

Over 20 years


Asian art, books


Dutch, English, German


“Our work is a journey of discovery. You learn more and more by researching, reading, traveling and sharing knowledge. It's nice to be able to use my expertise about Asian art and books for the art & collectibles auctions.”


T: 030-6063944

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