To participate in our live auction on the web, you need to register first.

Go to the homepage of and click on 'register' at the right top of your screen.

You will see a screen where you need to fill out your personal information.

After you've succeeded, you'll receive an automatic generated message by Heritage Auctions Europe as a comfirmation. Our staff will process your request. When this has been done, you will receive another message. This message contains your login name and password, which can be used to login on te right top of your screen. After you've logged in, you can start working with our live bid system. 

Please notice, at every single auction you'll need to sign up whether you want to participate in our LiveBid system. You don't need to register again, you can re-use your account.

Have you forgotten your login details? Please click on 'forgot'.

Fill out your e-mail address and click on 'Request'. Your login details will be sent to the given e-mail address.

When you are logged in, you can sign up to participate in our LiveBid system for the upcomming auction.

To do so, go to the homepage ( and click on 'Bid Live'.

The next screen will be shown.

To sign up for the upcomming auction, click on 'register'.

The next screen will be shown.

If you agree with the terms and conditions, tick the box and click on 'Register' to sign up.

Heritage Auctions Europe will receive a notification from your registration and we will start processing your request. After we have completed your registration, you will receive a comfirmation by e-mail.

When your registration is completed and the auction has started, you can participate by clicking on the 'Live' button.

You will enter the 'bidconsole'. You can start bidding when the auction has started. Aproximately 2 hours before the start of the auction, the 'bidconsole' will be available.




During the auction, you can listen to the live auction. Please notice, there can be a slight difference between what you hear and what you see. Do not trust on the audio, trust on the visuals. What you see is always accurate.

If your logged in and the auction is running, you will see the following screen.



1. This bar will show the progress of the current auction session. During the session, the bar will shift to the right until the session has ended.

2. A picture of the current lot which is auctioned at that moment of time.

3. A description of the current lot which is auctioned at that moment of time.

4. The highest bid in Euros of the current lot which is auctioned at that moment of time.

5. A display of the bidhistory of the current lot which is auctioned at that moment of time.

6. The 'bid button'. When you press this button you will bid on the current lot which is auctioned at that moment of time. Bidding will take place with increasing steps as described in the catalog.

7. Here you can see your bidnumber for the current auction, you can see how much credit is left and you can turn the audio on or off. If you turn on the audio, it is possible the audio is lagging behind the actual auction. Tests show us, some computers are more sensitive to lagging than others. Do not trust on the audio, trust on the visuals. What you see is always accurate.

8. This is an overview of your lots won. You can also see the total hammerprice excluding commision fees. More information about the auctioncosts can be found in the catalog.

9. This is an overview of the upcomming lots which will be auctioned next. Only a picture and the lotnumber are shown. When you move your mouse to this overview, a description of the underlying lot will pop-up.

If you have any questions or problems, don't hestitate to contact Heritage Auctions Europe. We can be contacted by e-mail or by telephone on 0031- 30 6063944.