Unveiling Exquisite Blades: Indonesian Krises and Filipino Swords at Our February Auction

Dive into a world of exquisite craftsmanship and historical significance as we gear up for our Art, Collectibles, Jewelry, and Trading Cards auction taking place from February 14th to 17th. This time, our spotlight shines on a remarkable collection of Indonesian krises and a diverse array of Filipino swords, offering enthusiasts and collectors a rare opportunity to own a piece of impressive artistry.

Our upcoming auction proudly features a selection of krises, a traditional Indonesian dagger with a distinct wavy blade that holds both artistic and mystical allure. Each kris tells a unique story, with intricate carvings and a blade that reflects the skill and dedication of the artisans who crafted them. For those who appreciate the finer details of blade artistry, this collection promises to captivate your senses.

In addition to the mesmerizing krises, we are thrilled to present a treasure trove of Filipino swords that adds a dynamic flair to this auction. A standout among them is the ginunting sword (lot 2087 and 2088), originating from the island of Panay. These weapons, initially used as utilitarian tools, derive their name from the Filipino word "gunting," meaning scissors, due to their resemblance to a single side of a pair of scissors. Alongside two ginunting swords, we proudly present a sizable garab sword, measuring a total length of 86.5 cm—a typical weapon from the islands of Samar or Leyte in the eastern part of the central Philippines. The Filipino blades featured also include a captivating pira, a traditional Philippine bolo sword favored by the Yakan people of Basilan Island, distinguished by its elongated kakatua hilt.

Among other noteworthy mentions, although not strictly Filipino, are two golok swords (lot 2094 and 2095) in the auction, often associated with the Sundanese people, like these two specimens originating from West Java.

Join us Thursday February 15th as the Indonesian krises and Filipino swords featured in this auction will be auctioned. They are more than just objects – they are windows into the past, crafted with skill, passion, and a deep connection to tradition. Seize this chance to enrich your collection with these extraordinary blades, and let the stories they tell become a part of your own.

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