World Record for a Dutch Coin

On May 13, 2024, an extremely rare 1891 quarter featuring a young Queen Wilhelmina was auctioned by Heritage Auctions Europe in IJsselstein for a record amount of €1,045,500. Never before had a Dutch coin sold for such a high price.

Remarkably, it's not a large or gold coin but a small silver coin weighing about 3.5 grams, a 25 cent (quarter) from 1891. This legendary coin is worth so much due to its impeccable condition and, above all, its rarity, as only two pieces were made. The first is in the National Numismatic Collection at De Nederlandsche Bank in Amsterdam, and the piece auctioned by Heritage Auctions is the only one available on the open market. In the past 133 years, this coin has changed owner only four times, each time for a new record amount, the last being in 2001 for 81,000 guilders plus auction costs (about 95,000 guilders).

The seller is the well-known numismatist Mr. W. Coenen, one of the greatest Dutch collectors ever. Previous owners included the American super-collector Virgil Brand and Philip Ferrari de Renotière, possibly the greatest collector of coins and stamps who ever lived. The buyer bid live online and wishes to remain anonymous

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